Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Dada's Column On Cricinfo.com

Last week i had logged on to cricinfo.com and was pleasantly surprised to see Sourav Ganguly's column on cricinfo where he gave his review of the recently concluded test match between India and Sri Lanka at Ahmadabad.It was a nice column by Dada and the flair we saw in his batting is noticeable in his writing as well.No sweet talk,no beating around the bush , just a straight from the heart review and impeccable English.Dada's column reminded me a lot of his batting.This man is impeccable, truly a legend.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Thank God A New Week Has Started

I actually got up today and said , thank god the week is over and a new week has begun.It is kind of funny coz last week started off great with me watching Raw at Madisson square garden and then doing well on the tests and even my program director was beaming whenever he saw me.But it ended disastorously , with me getting terribly homesick on fri ,sat and sun and the only thing i wanted was to go to pune and spend time with my parents,my cousin bro and my 3 best friends back home.Thank god i had my three prized possessions ,my reliance calling card,my ps2 smackdown vs raw 2006 game and bret harts book to keep me saneAnyways today is a new week so hoping for a better week.
Wishing that all of you have a good week and thanksgiving as well.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Guys ,Always Keep Your Dignity

I guess i am in the mood for writing today , this being my third post today.Something which happened with one my cousins brought me to this topic.My cousin brother a nice easy going guy liked a girl from his class when he was in guess 11th or 12th grade.The girl was also pretty friendly to him.As time passed along , he kind of started noticing that the girl was being friendly to him but was trying to get closer to one of his best friends.He speculated the girl used his liking for him to get more close with his friend.He was kind of disappointed when this speculation turned true.At no point did the girl tell him that she liked his friend.This of course happened long time back and now me and my bro laugh off this incident when we talk.But basically the point is had things been more clearer he would have never developed more feelings for this girl.Or if she had been straightforward and told him that she liked his friend , he would have introduced him to her.But neither thing happened which left him a bit deflated that time.Whether it is relationships or sport , i always believe it is important to leave with your head held high.The great Kapil Dev was reduced to a mere Shadow of himself when he retired with people asking when is he leaving.On the other hand people like Sunil Gavaskar,Anil Kumble,Dada Ganguly left on a bang with people asking why are the leaving?I guess the same fact applies in relationships as well , especially for guys.Despite what the popular belief is that girls are more emotional and sensitive , i think it is the other way round.Guys take a lot of time to develop an emotional bond with someone , but once they do develop an emotional connection they are really really attached to that person.That is why i think that at times guys don't know when to say quits in a relationship.But in some cases like my brothers , the gal never told him or gave him an indication of whats coming thereby denying him that chance to leave without hurting his feelings.To his credit , even though he was hurt he never showed it.He didn't create a fuss.He took it in his stride.Of course i am not saying all gals are like my cousin brothers friend.I was just giving an example.To all my friends who read this post especially guys i can only say that guys if u like someone love someone thats great , but at the end of the day always maintain your dignity and self respect .In case the relationship goes awry, always leave with dignity.Gals always say that we are sensitive and all this stuff but trust me guys it is the guy who ends up getting heartbroken in the end.To all the girls like my cousins friend if u like someone else fine , its your own life , but for someone who likes you a lot even if you don't have any feelings for that person , give that guy a chance to leave with his head held high.If u like someone else please be frank , never play around with someones feelings.

Monday At Madisson Square Garden

Pic - Undertaker at Madison Square garden on Monday Night

Last Monday was when WWE Raw returned to Madison Square Garden after nearly two years.Thanks to one of my friends i did manage to get the tickets for this historic event.There are some times in life when you get a flashback.You make a promise to yourself and when that thing comes true it is a truly wonderful feeling.Last Monday i had this flashback when i saw the Undertaker make an appearance at Madison Square garden.For a moment i pictured myself as that 12 year old kid who use to rush back home from school on Monday evenings to watch the wrestling event on TV which started at 5pm.I use to enjoy seeing the Undertaker and Bret Hart and i remember saying to myself , it would be so great if i can watch these great wrestlers live in NY city.Well i will never get a chance to see Bret Hart wrestle since he retired a couple of years back.But watching the Undertaker did get back those old memories.It was indeed a very touching and emotional moment as Madison square garden gave a standing ovation to the undertaker who has indeed been one of the greatest wrestlers in the history of the wwe.It was indeed a special night at Madison square garden and i was indeed very fortunate to be present there.

The Need for Heroes

Do we need heroes , someone we idolize , someone whose good qualities we try and imbibe .Well i think the answer is yes.On Friday night , i was sitting at home bit depressed , missing friends and parents in India.I had chosen not to attend a college party coz frankly i am not a party person.I believe there is more to life then drinking and dancing or watching people get drunk.I was sitting at home feeling bit low and then i switched on my PS2 and started playing a wrestling match playing as Bret Hart.That's when the realization came that yes we need heroes.It has been two years since i came to the US and one thing i have realized is that loneliness is a constant companion here.One might be very very lucky to get one or two genuine friends but most of the contacts one makes here will be people who will stick around to enjoy the good times , go for a movie or just hang around.But when you are in trouble or distress your best friend will be yourself.And if you are lucky to have family members or one or two good Friends, they will stick around and help you .So coming back to Friday night i was playing the game and that's when one of the quotations that Bret had made in his book flashed in my mind.It is as follows "if you want to make it to the top , give yourself up into loneliness , fear nothing and work hard."The reason we all come to the US leaving our friends and family behind is to go ahead in our careers ,to try and make it to the top .In this journey loneliness will be a constant companion , the faster we get used to it the better it is.I will be completing 2 years in US.I am still not sure who are my real friends here or who are the people pretending to be friends but ready to stab me in the back at the 1st given instance.But like Bret says , be nice to everyone , give yourself up to loneliness and work hard to achieve your goals.That's why i believe that we should always have heroes , who can provide us with that hope and inspiration in the long and lonely struggle to the top.Friends might hurt us , betray us , girlfriends might emotionally betray us.But i sinecerly believe if we have real heroes and belive in them and their ideals , whenever we are down and depressed,these heroes and their beliefs will show us the right way.Be it Dada or be it Bret , they will always remain my heroes.Thanks for being my hero Bret.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Shortage of Doctors , Who Is Responsible?

I was reading an article yesterday on the Times Of India which stated that there is a shortage of MBBS doctors in India.There is an acute shortage especially in the rural areas and that India has a very poor doctor to patient ratio when compared to countries like US and UK.We had responses from people stating that doctors who migrate are traitors and all this stuff.It is kind of amusing and at times irritating to read this stuff.Even i am an MBBS doctor who graduated in 2007 and have come to US for higher studies.Before people comment on who is a traitor and who is not they should look at the pathetic work conditions and pay for doctors.A friend of mine works in pune and he gets paid 2,500 rs a month.A lecturer in a medical college who is a specialist[ie either an MD or a MS] is paid 18 to 20,000 rs a month.Compared to that an engineer on the basis of a single engineering degree gets paid around 30,000 rs to 40,000 rs a month After doing an MBA they are paid twice of that.When these people migrate no one complains.Before we start comparing with US or UK , we should remember that the status of a doctor in US or UK is very different.They are well respected and well paid.Their government spends a huge amount of money on medical research.How much does the Indian government spend on research?Medicine is a noble profession but a doctor is not a social servant , even he has a family to look after.The future of a country depends to a great deal on his doctors and its army.The doctors maintain the health and well being of the population and the army ensures that we can sleep peacefully at night knowing that these brave soldiers are defending the borders.But it is indeed pathetic that these two vital components of our society are treated so shabbily in India.Poor pays , no benefits.In case of doctors , patients treat them like their own personal property.Cases of doctors being assaulted , hospitals being ransacked are so much on the rise.So a doctor puts in so much effort, 5and a half years of MBBS ,3 years residency , works long hours , no family life .At the end of the day what does he get? Nothing.Why cant we increase the pay for doctors.Give good pays to doctors , give them better work conditions , spend money on research , make a doctor feel wanted .India produces some of the worlds best doctors ,but it is indeed bad that we don't respect that.No one likes to leave their country.But many times the responsibilities and the circumstances force people to migrate.Instead of blaming doctors , enforcing bonds the government should improve the conditions and pay so that doctors stop migrating.For people who are not a part of the medical field , sitting there and passing a judgement i want to say that step in the shoes of a doctor to understand the sacrifices he makes and the hardships he faces in just trying to lead an average life.Give an Indian doctor the credit he deserves.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

'Aaj Tak' se 'India TV' tak!!!

15 June 2009...Proved to be a bitter day for Indian cricket fans. India lost by 3 runs to England in a close fought contest and England successfully threw the former world champs out of the T20 world championship. The unpredictability of cricket again overshadowed the predictions of all the masters & experts of the game as the 1st ever T20 champions could not even reach semi finals & were collapsed into super eight round. Some really lethargic play and wrong decisions made by Captain Mahendrasingh Dhoni lead the team out of the tournament. But the hell-bells had to start ringing and the news reporters in India were on the fly!
“Kal ke sher, aaj dher”
“Sabak sikho maahi”
“kya Dhoni maafi ke layak hai?”
“Team India ,sharm karo”
“Hero bane Zero”
These were the headlines being telecasted on every news channel in India like India TV, star news, zee news, Sahara news, aaj tak and more on. WHY THE HELL? Who the hell is a news reporter to judge a cricketer? And why the hell he tries to dare so without even knowing abcd of cricket? It is much simpler to report such absolutely idiotic and pathetic news, sitting in an air conditioned studio than going in a foreign country and playing on the green ground for our nation. Cricketers are not god; they are also human beings as we are. Agreed, India lost due to their bad play and some inconclusive decision making of the captain... But one must not forget that the captain Dhoni and his knack of decision making has proven to be a key factor in various Indian triumphs since he was made captain for the 1st T20 world cup.
Immediate results were obtained after making him captain of the side and India won the inaugural T20 trophy. Later he was made captain for one day side and India thrashed away the kangaroos on their home soil in the VB series. Also, the world no 2 ranked South Africa were defeated against Indian Tigers. The tradition of winning matches in foreign countries which was set up by India’s most successful captain, the Bengal Tiger “Sourav Ganguly”, was followed by M.S.Dhoni and India started registering series wins one after another, irrespective of the venue. India then went on to win test as well as one day series in Sri Lanka, New Zealand and even Australia. We can’t also forget the dominating 2-0 victory against the kangaroos on our home soil to clinch the prestigious Gavaskar-Border trophy back. Please don’t forget that India hasn’t lost any series till now under Dhoni’s leadership.
So who are we to blame and forgive not only Dhoni but the whole team? Folks, we just can’t rub off these many triumphs by considering just one loss... It is always said that cricket is a religion in India. Then how can one blame his religion? And at the end, victories and defeats are nothing but parts of any game and we can’t expect our boys to win always.
Besides all these things, we Indians are always said to be krrazy for cricket, may it be test cricket, one dayers or T20. But this craziness should not be turned up into idiocy all the way which is seen when we burn statues of cricketers and throw stones on their homes. Because we are the same people who make them heroes when they win any series, even if it is against Bangladesh... We should also accept defeats gracefully as we do when India wins. I am writing this blog when India has already won their fifth series consecutively on West Indian soil.
But the question about absolutely low grade reporting by news channels still remains unanswered. These are the same people who reports hopeless and totally non value adding news such as “ 14 feet ka mahamanav” , “Salman aur Shahrukh ke beech hathapaai”, “Swarg ki seedhi”, “Mrityunjay Baba”... and some amply non-sense stuff like this. The height of totally useless news reporting could be seen on India’s favourite funny bald reporter Rajat Sharma’s India TV where they call some doctor who tells us using a funny plastic or body or some decayed skeleton of Hitler’s era about how autopsy of Michel Johnson was carried out.
These are the people where renowned(?????????) 50 + old cricketing people tell us how Sachin Tendulkar should have played a ball which got him out.
At the end, it is my polite request to every Indian that please don’t take these news reports seriously and do not believe them at all. These are the jokers superior to yesterday’s circus jokers whom you can laugh at, especially India TV (Mrityunjay baba my foot!). But do not change your channel if some news channel is being telecasted. It could serve you a great comic entertainment, even better than “RAKHI KA SWAYANWAR”!!!!!!

Sunday, November 30, 2008


10 Nov 2008..... a bitter day for all the true fans of the Prince of Kolkata Saurav Dada...After not only just facing all the major pressures n calamities in his cricketing career,but also empowering them with extra-ordinary gutsy nature,dada took retirement from his love, his passion ; CRICKET. There are enormous stalwarts in this cricketing world we have come across like the great Don Bradman,Sachin Tendulkar,Brian Lara etc....But nobody,nobody amongst all these greats have gone through such an enthalling career with ample up's n down's like Saurav has.May it be taking over captaincy,defeating Aussies in Indian as well as their home soil, leading India in World cup finale from the front,a bad patch in the career,the infamous chapell controversy,forced exit from cricket, but again getting place in the side with lot of determination and passion to prove something......Hardly anyone not just in cricket,but in any sort of thing can do it as Saurav has done. Why the people are fans of Saurav Ganguly?For his batting skills?For his unbeatable offside shots?For his flamboyant sixers?The answer is 'not just this'.Ordinarily,the man does what he does.But very few men do what they CAN do.Dada is one of those very few people. Saurav Ganguly's comeback was not just getting place into the team,it was a miracle!No ordinary man can have the guts to prove everyone wrong and answer the world,"yes, i have not ended it" in the way as Saurav did. True, we like Saurav for his Guts,Self Respect ,Tit for Tat nature and most importantly his never say die attitude.

Dada is going away from cricket,but he has gifted his patriotism,his fighting spirit in short all his DADAGIRI to indian cricket army.So we can say,dada can go but dadagiri can't...

Yes,we are proud fans of Maharaja.Nevertheless, he is retired from international cricket, but we can't allow him to retire from our hearts,our blood, our sole.


Monday, November 10, 2008

Good Bye Maharaj

Well The day has come and gone , 7th November 2008 was the last time saw Sourav Ganguly walk out wearing the India cap.As i got my today and saw the videos on you tube which showed Dada celebrating his last win as an Indian player , my mind went back just a year back when last November around this time Dada had cracked his 1st double hundred , his 1st hundred at Eden gardens and ended with the man of the series award as India beat Pakistan.Last DEC he played his 100th test and was in the form of his life .One year later his enthralling journey has come to an end.But hold on did it really deserve to end right now .Didn't he end his last series averaging more than 50 against the best team in the world.These questions are hard to answer .The thing about saurav has been his up and down journey as a cricketer which has enthralled us all.People like Kumble , Tendulkar appear super human and super men whose feats we can only dream about achieving .Even saurav has been a genius like them , but his journey has been much more enthralling .He has been the rebel who signalled a new India by waving his shirt at lords , the patriot who fought against the invader Greg Chapell to defend India's honour , the genius who played some enchanting knocks.One last memory i have about him is his one day comeback innings against west indies in Feb 2007 when he made 98 which was a truly magical innings.I was watching that match with my grandpa .I still remember my grandpa's beaming face as he watched saurav bat like a magician.That was the last time my grandpa watched a cricket match as he passed away a few weeks later , but his beaming face and sauravs brilliant batting that day have left a lasting impression on me.Thank you Maharajah